Always Get Your Mower Ready Before the Lawn Care Season

mowerThe start of the lawn care season is always a time to celebrate. This is especially when you consider the stresses that your lawn might have been through during the winter season. However, you can’t just get right into the thick of things right away.

You need to be careful when getting you lawnmower ready for the lawn care season. The fact is that your lawn might benefit from a mowing if you use a mower that is maintained well.

Sharpen Your Blade

It is important to sharpen your mower blade at the start. This is to make sure that your
lawn will look better by having a blade that is clear and safe to use on your property. If
you have a sharp blade then it will be easier for you to keep your lawn clear by removing
old materials without risking the grass being cut in a series of unusual angles.

In addition, your blade might benefit from being replaced because a newer blade will not
be likley to do damage to your mower from within. This is important as a mower that
does have a new and sharp blade will not have edges that can move off and get in the way
of the components within your mower. This is needed to provide you with a safer and
more sensible setup for getting your mower to work well.

Change All Fluids

Be sure to change the various fluids in your mower as well. These include the oil, all
lubricants, coolant materials and gasoline. Any old liquids in your mower can be risky as
the mower might start to work improperly or wear out from impurities in old fluids. You
need to change everything properly so you will be less likely to suffer from damages to
your mower.

Change Your Spark Plug

Be sure to also change the spark plug in a mower. Granted, you can always clean off a
spark plug but today’s plugs are not as expensive as they used to be. Therefore, you could
always afford to get a new plug to keep the risk of damages from an old plug from being
as prevalent as they could be. If you change it at the right time then it should not be all
that hard for you to get your mower cleared out the right way.

Review All Belts

All belts in your mower have to be inspected including drive belts. These belts can wear
out from consistent use over time and must be replaced regularly to enusre that they will
continue to work well into the future. If you take a look at each belt and see that there are
no gaps with regards to what you are using then you might have an easier time with
getting your mower to operate as planned.
These are all great points to use when maintaining your mower. If you can manage your
lawnmower with more than enough care then it should not be all that hard to get your
mower to look better and to be more likely to grow at a sensible rate without risking any
damages to your space.


  1. Safety wish machinery is so often overlooked in the home. It is paramount that safety be observed even more so imho. Most workplaces have methods in-place for first aid and quick response. Your home dose not. Lawn mowers or otherwise safety first.

    • Woah Fred-the-gardens-safety-commission xD. Dudes totally right tho. This kid in my town was splitting wood with a hydraulic thingy. looked away to make a joke and BAM, we call him 3 fingers now. True story.

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