What Should You Ask a Lawn Service Company?

lawncaredudesIf you don’t have the time to take care of your garden or lawn on your own then you should contact a lawn service company. However, you should not be in touch with just any lawn service company. You need to use a few key standards for when you’re going to get in touch with such a company.

What Does the Company Use?

Ask the company in question about the materials it uses in order to take care of your
lawn. See if a company of interest can work with such things as healthy fertilizers, edging
tools and electric instruments. If you see what a company uses then it might be easier for
you to get the most out of a particular service.

What Procedures are Offered?

The procedures that are managed by such a company can also vary. Take a look at such
things as if a company offers services relating to fertilization, pest control, weed control,
edging, mowing and watering. A full service company can take care of all your needs.

Of course, you might find that you are competent enough in certain aspects of taking care
of your lawn. If this is the case then you can always see if a lawn service company is
wiling to allow you to manage different tasks on your own. You may get discounted
services if you are able to get yourself out to work on specific parts of a lawn.

Are Synthetics Used?

The problem with some lawn service companies is that they use synthetic products like
synthetic fertilizer, artificial coverage materials and even chemicals in their weed and
pest control materials. These might sound useful at the start but the fact is that they can
cause your property to wear out over time and may create some unwanted effects in your

If you contact a lawn service company to see if it uses artificial materials then you might
get a good response or at least learn more about any organic options that a company uses
if applicable. You might find information on organic materials that are used and if they
can break down well alongside details on what can be added from your home to make
your lawn a little easier to manage.

How Much Coverage Works?

A great part of many lawn service companies that they can manage more than just lawns,
landscapes and gardens. They can also work with areas around your porch, sidewalk and
driveway. The fact is that sometimes grass can sprout out of the wrong places. Weeds in
these areas can be just as problematic. If you contact a service company and see what it has to offer then you may figure out from there if that company will actually provide you
with solutions that are to your benefit.

You must be certain when getting in touch with a lawn service company that you know
what you are doing. Talk with a qualified company to see what is open so you will figure
out if a service in particular is one that could actually be to your overall benefit when
getting your property treated right.


  1. Clean up is whats important to Stu. When Stu is looking for lawn maintenance he wants to know how clean and well groomed it will look when its done. That’s because Stu doesn’t settle!

    • I usually don’t stress too much about clean up because the wind usually does all the cleaning up for me after I work on my lawn.

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